Rumors Horus Heresy


Ecco i rumors trapelati dal GD australiano... direttamente dallo staff di Forgeworld...
quindi godono dell amassima attendibilità!!! :)

- “Will you be making the Primarchs?”
“If you’ve read the Black Library books you’ll understand when I tell you ‘I can’t say’.”

- They want to make all the weapon options/units available they can to “stop little companies springing up in Poland”.
- The Marine armour variants were testing the waters for a HH series, which they have been working on for a year or so.
- They are working closely with Black Library to include bits of each other’s work (the Caestus appears in Fear to Tread for example). This also means they don’t mess anything up, and might even lead to BL characters appearing in mini form.
- Mechanicus? Almost certainly, but not for a while - it’s something Mark really really wants to do.
- They know it can’t be all marines all the time, and there will be xenos and non-marine forces dealt with in time.
- First book will begin at the start of the Heresy, but the lists will be designed to show off pre-Heresy forces and their fighting styles, as no divergence into chaos had happened yet.
 - The Horus Heresy series is going to be ongoing, much like the Imperial Armour books, and each line will have a separate team working on it.
- The HH series is designed in such a way that people can use their existing armies as much as possible.
- Running quotes: “It’ll be like Christmas… it’ll blow your minds.”
This seminar was literally just under an hour, and it was straight into the design team one with Jes, Kevin Chin and Jeremy Vetock.

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